Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking


Jurisdiction Served:
Bucks County

January 2013

Types of trafficking addressed:
Commercial Sexual Exploitation/Trafficking
Labor Trafficking / Exploitation

Direct Services Provided:
Victim Support, Community Education, Law Enforcement Training


Victim Focus:  
. Prevent, intervene and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

. Work together with existing organizations to utilize available resources, and identify unmet needs to effectively help victims.

Community Awareness and Responsibility:

. Educate the community on human trafficking in Bucks County

. Empower the community to spread awareness, address demand, and respond to potential trafficking situations.

Law Enforcement and Prosecution:

. Train and empower law enforcement and prosecutors to effectively identify and respond to trafficking situations and victims.

Legislation and Public Policy:

. Identify public policy issues and opportunities to influence legislative initiatives related to human trafficking.

. Educate the coalition and the community on current proposed legislation.

. Coordinate response for victims
. outreach and education programs to raise community awareness
. advocate for legislative and policy change
. coordinate training and education to law enforcement and social services.

Meeting frequency:
Coalition meets every other month
Sub-committees meet on alternative months

Contact Person:
Deirdre Blackburn, Human Trafficking Coordinator, NOVA Network of Victim Assistance.