BCAT’s Quarterly Meeting

This is our last meeting for this year. Please join us!
“Impact Human Sex Trafficking in Your Community: Understanding the Roots of Demand” 
Wednesday, October 11, 5:30 PM
Where: NOVA:  2370 York Rd, Suite B1, Jamison PA 18929
Presenter: Linda Brownback, M.A., Demand Prevention Specialist for VAST (Valley Against Human Sex Trafficking)

More Information:
It is happening: there are entire countries that have almost completely eliminated human sex trafficking (HST)!  How did they do this?  They realized that if it were not for demand, commercial sex trafficking would not occur, and they made a commitment to practically eliminate demand.

Linda Brownback will explain:

  • Why the only way to end HST is by ending demand.
  • How sexualized media encourages HST by objectifying women, glorifying traffickers and prostitution.
  • The addictive nature of internet pornography and how it fuels demand and destroys one’s ability to have healthy intimate relationships.
  • How demand can be reduced.

You will gain an understanding of how your attitudes and behaviors have been influenced by the culture and how you unwittingly support HST.  Most importantly, you will learn how you can help reduce the demand that drives HST through your understanding of these issues.  While this is a difficult topic for many to consider, because Linda’s presentation will include what we can do, you will leave inspired and empowered.

Linda Brownback, M.A., is the Demand Prevention Specialist for VAST (Valley Against Human Sex Trafficking).  VAST, the regional coalition in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, has been named by Villanova University’s Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation as the benchmark regional coalition.  A licensed psychologist in the Lehigh Valley for over 30 years, Linda semi-retired to dedicate time to eradicating human sex trafficking, using the international model that has proven successful.

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