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International Efforts:
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimewww.unodc.orgProtocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, Supplementing the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime
UN General Assembly President calls for redoubled efforts to end human trafficking April 04, 2012www.humantrafficking.orgA web resource for combating human trafficking
ECPAT Internationalwww.ecpat.netEnd Child Pornagraphy and Trafficking
Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST)www.fastinternational.orgTraining, advocacy and aftercare
Free The Slaveswww.freetheslaves.netStarted by Kevin Bales, international advocacy and education
International Justice Mission (IJM)www.igm.orgFaith-based legal advocacy, aftercare, conferences, church and school programs
Love 146love146.orgPrevention and aftercare
Not For Salewww.notforsalecampaign.orgFaith-based advocacy, job training, aftercare
United Nations O.D.C - Human Trafficking and Smugglingwww.unodc.orgInternational resources, news and tools
US Government Legislation:
H.R. 898: Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2013www.congress.govThis bill was approved by the Senate and House as an amendment to S. 47, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013
Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, S. 187 (JVTA)www.wg-usa.orgBipartisan legislation that affords services and alternatives to detention to domestic victims of trafficking, provides training to juvenile justice, child welfare, and law enforcement to better identify child victims, and brings exploiters and buyers to justice.
The Department of Homeland Security:
The Blue Campaignwww.dhs.govDepartment of Homeland Security - partnerships, trainings, resources to combat trafficking
The State Department’s 2013 Trafficking in person’s Reportwww.state.govRemarks at the Annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) Release. Source: (This goes to the Website, the blog, and Trafficking resources Center)
ovc.ncjrs.govTTA Directory
www.ovcttac.govTask Force Guide
www.bjs.govCharacteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents, 2008-2010
www.ovcttac.govTraining Materials
Legislative Summarywww.ovc.govFederal Human Trafficking Strategic Plan.
November 2013 - Victim on Release of Coordination, Collaboration, Capacity: Federal Strategic Action Plan (SAP) on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States, 2013–2017 . The White House announced the SAP on January 14. The SAP is a 5-year plan on providing and coordinating services to victims of human trafficking across the Federal agencies. OVA, Civil Rights Unit and Violent Crimes Against Children Section were actively involved in this development of this plan.
HHS Program (also Look Beneath The Surface and Anti-Trafficking In Persons Shared Hope International)sharedhope.orgStarted by Linda Smith/specializes in Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
News Blogs: news blog on human news blog on human trafficking. OVA, Civil Rights Unit and Violent Crimes Against Children Section worked with the Office of Public Affairs to develop a blog to highlight human trafficking awareness month. The information can be found on the news blog section.
National Organizations
Department of Homeland Securitywww.dhs.govBlue Campaign on Human trafficking
National Human Trafficking Resources Statisticswww.traffickingresourcecenter.orgView Stats by State. The NHTRC maintains one of the most extensive data sets on the issue of human trafficking in the United States. The statistics contained on this website are based on aggregated information learned through signals -- phone calls, emails, and online tip reports -- received by the hotline. The data do not define the totality of human trafficking or of a trafficking network in any given area. The NHTRC uses this data to help human trafficking victims and survivors and to provide the anti-trafficking field with information to help combat all forms of human trafficking.
Girls Educating and Mentoring Services (GEMS)www.gems-girls.orgStarted by Rachel Lloyd
Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking (IAST)www.salvationarmy.orgSalvation Army's sex trafficking campaign
Polaris Projectwww.polarisproject.orgalso National Human Trafficking Resource Center Rescue & Restore Campaign
Office of Refugee Resettlementwww.acf.hhs.govThe Anti-Trafficking in Persons Program (ATIP) identifies and serves victims of human trafficking, assisting foreign trafficking victims in the United States to become eligible for public benefits and services to the same extent as refugees.
Polaris Projectwww.polarisproject.orgPolaris has rated all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 10 categories of laws that are critical to a basic legal framework that combats human trafficking, punishes traffickers and supports survivors.
William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (H.R. 7311www.state.govWilliam Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (H.R. 7311)
International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA)www.congress.govH.R. 1340 - International Violence Against Women Act
Labor Trafficking:
International Labor Organizationwww.wg-usa.orgProfits & Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labor - Full Report
www.wg-usa.orgProfits & Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labor - Summary
United Nations - Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rightswww.wg-usa.orgGuiding Principles Business & Human Rights
Urban Institutewww.wg-usa.orgStudy on labor trafficking in the United States. Urban Institute - Labor Trafficking in the US - Report
Educational Resources:
Educator Discussion Guidewww.wg-usa.orgNot My Life Educator Guide - UNICEF
A Guide to the Trafficking of Womenwww.mugerfrontera.orgAdvice given by women who were themselves, victims of human trafficking
ECPAT USAwww.wg-usa.orgCode for Hotels. Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism
A World for"A World for Girls" draws the viewer in as young children explain the kind of world that would be affirming for girls and young women—the type of world that prevents the commercial sexual exploitation of girls and young women. The children address issues related to empowerment, equal pay, education, gender-based violence, employment and commercial sexual exploitation.Also part of the "A World For Girls," campaign, GEMS has created a section on the agency's website that offers ways to get engaged, support an alternate vision of the future and take concrete steps to build that collective vision of the future. GEMS has also unveiled a related Facebook campaign at
American Underworld (inside pimping) – Discovery (40 min) report on pimping and "the game"
Chosen Trailer – Shared Hope (3 min) for Chosen film - can be used for awareness presentations
Hidden in Plain Sight - Blue Campaign (16 min)www.dhs.govPublic service announcement on how to identify victims
I'm With Lincoln (5 min)madeinafreeworld.comHighlights the startling fact that 150 years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation
Inside Secret America: American Sex Slave (45 min) Geographic Documentary
Making Of A Girl – GEMS (10 min) coercion takes place and why it's difficult for victims to leave.
sex Slavery in US – ABC News (10 min) News investigation on Sex Trafficking
Survivor Congressional Testimony (5 min)www.atestblog.orgincludes link to full 1 hr testimony with other victims
Survivor Story: Stripper (14 min) of Founder of Treasures (outreach to strippers)
What I've Been Through Is Not Who I Am (22 min) through understanding, opportunity and support victims can become survivors.
What Is Human HT Training Video
Feature Films:
Born Into Brothelsen.wikipedia.orgGet more information. This documentary shows the lives of the children who grow up in the brothels. Large groups of children play while their mothers “work.” Eventually, they get involved in the family business as well.
Call + Responsemadeinafreeworld.comA movie that shows trafficking on a community/organizational level of conflict.
Chosensharedhope.orgShared Hope 20 minute video geared towards teenagers
Fatal Promisesfatalpromises.comThrough personal stories of victims and interviews with politicians, NGO representatives and activists, Fatal Promises provides a comprehensive look at the realities of human trafficking
Flesh: Bought & Soldwww.examiner.comSee trailer. This movie gets the inside scoop from all parties involved in the business of trafficking. From the victims all the way to the pimps.
Human Traffickingwww.mylifetime.comLifetime Mini-Series
Nefarious – Merchant of the Soulnefariousdocumentary.comA documentary that showcases and unveils the shape that trafficking has taken and gives true accounts to show the business the transactions and the work at hand in the realm of human trafficking.
Not My Lifenotmylife.orgThis movie is a documentary shows various people around the world affected by human trafficking through an international range.
Rape For Profitrapeforprofitfilm.com2013 documentary on trafficking Seattle – available on iTunes
Very Young movie takes a closer look into the eyes of girls involved with human trafficking at very young ages.
EDEN - Trailer young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, joins forces with her captors in a desperate plea to survive