Petition to Trump

United Way’s Generation Freedom Circulates Petition to U.S. President-Elect Trump

The United Way Center on Human Trafficking and Slavery’s “Generation Freedom” coalition is currently circulating an online petition to be delivered to U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump. The petition, circulated by a coalition of more than 70 religious, social service, private industry and United Way organizations, is asking Trump and the U.S. government to commit financial resources to combatting trafficking.

“Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, yet the U.S. government only invests $150 million a year to fight it,” the petition states. “Traffickers made 1,000 times more in profits off this heinous crime than we spend fighting them in a year…Join us in calling on President-elect Trump to commit just two cents for every dollar in profits traffickers make to fight human trafficking. That would yield a $3 billion annual budget to invest in programs that have proven to prevent human trafficking, punish offenders, and provide support and services to survivors.” To read more about the petition, visit

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