Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

FBI To Use Victim-Centered Approach to Fight Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

The FBI is planning to use a multi-pronged attack for combatting sex trafficking activities around the US Super Bowl, according to The Villanova Law Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). For the first time, the FBI will widen its focus beyond arresting and prosecuting traffickers and johns to include a victim-centered strategy that allows local nonprofit organizations to make the initial contact with potential victims in the period up to and including the Super Bowl.  Victim advocates will be able to reach out before the FBI steps in to arrest traffickers and johns and to provide victim services, including offering social services and counseling as a way to help gain victims’ trust and to enable victims to move away from sexual trafficking and exploitation. The FBI also plans to use comfort dogs for victims as part of the intervention program. 

The FBI “want[s] to do everything [it] can to put that victim at ease and put [them] in a situation where [they] feel more safe,” said FBI Supervisory Special Agent Doug Hunt, who manages anti-trafficking efforts in the San Francisco office.  The Super Bowl will take place February 7 at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California.  The FBI even plans to use comfort dogs for victims as part of the outreach program.


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